Ericsson blamed for Monaco blue on blue


Marcus Ericsson has been blamed for a crash which saw both Sauber drivers retiring from the Monaco Grand Prix this afternoon.

Felipe Nasr led team-mate Marcus Ericsson during the later stages of the race but was instructed to allow the faster Ericsson through to tackle the cars that were ahead of them. When Nasr ignored the order Ericsson attempted an overtake but instead smashed into the side of his team-mate’s car, spinning the two of them and temporarily sending himself airborne.

Nasr’s cockpit flooded with smoke and he retired a lap later, while Ericsson stayed out a further two before also retiring from the race. A stewards investigation after the race placed the blame with Ericsson, with the Swede taking a three-place grid drop for the upcoming Canadian Grand Prix, and two points on his driver’s license. This brings his total to six points from a total allowable tally of twelve.

Although the stewards pinned the blame on him, speaking to Ericsson said the team gave him permission to make a manoeuvre on Nasr.

“For seven or eight laps he didn’t let me through. I told the team ‘look, I’m losing too much time’ and said I was going to make a move and they said ‘yeah, go for it’. I knew it was possible. Obviously the end result was not what I expected.”

Toro Rosso’s Daniil Kvyat and Renault’s Kevin Magnussen also came together at Rascasse, the former similarly being too ambitious with his overtaking and sending both cars into the barriers. For this, Kvyat was also awarded a three-place grid drop for the Canadian GP in two weeks, and two penalty points, bringing his total to seven.

Jules Bianchi famously successfully passed Kamui Kobayashi at Rascasse en route to his only points finish, at the 2014 Monaco GP.


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