Buemi: Formula One Needs To Be More Accessible

Sebastien Buemi says that Formula One needs to be more accessible to people if it wishes to attract new fans.

When asked what part of current Formula One he would like to see changed, Buemi told me:  “Maybe to make it a little bit more accessible to some of the people, because in many countries you now have pay TV where you have to pay to watch F1, and the tickets are quite expensive for people who want to watch.

“I think it’s very important that the new generation and new fans really have access and can have easy access to Formula One. I think if you get the young guys to watch, they’re going to keep watching. If you don’t give them the opportunity, they may never watch F1.

“So I think we have to be careful between the money people want to make out of that and also keeping in mind that we need new people to watch if we want to have a bright future”.

Pay-for-view TV has been highlighted as a probable cause in the drop of TV ratings in Formula One, particularly in parts of the world like China and France.

Image courtesy of Red Bull/Getty Images.



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2 responses to “Buemi: Formula One Needs To Be More Accessible

  1. Clarke

    I only go to one race per year (Canadian GP, I live less the 200 KM away). It’s not just the cost, although ticket prices can be extortionate. The problem for me is being stuck in one place and only getting to see the race from one point. If I could move around and get to see things from a different perspective during the race things would be much better. Reserved seating obviates that possibility.

    My solution is to attend on the Friday and Saturday and drive home on Saturday evening. On the Sunday I plop myself in front of the TV and get to watch the race from several points, get great analysis and don’t have to pay $6 for a beer. In Canada F1 is shown on dedicated cable sports channels and not Pay-Per-View. If it were I think F1 would lose me.

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