Schumacer’s Agent Reports “Moments Of Consciousness And Awakeneing”

Michael Schumacher’s agent has reported that he is showing “signs of consciousness and awakening” as doctors continue to draw him out of a medically induced coma.

The 45-year-old is being slowly brought out of the coma, which he entered after suffering a serious head injury in a ski fall last December. Since the days directly following the accident, where a daily press conference was held at 10am every morning to give an update on Schumacher, there has been a lack of news on his condition, other than the fact that doctors began the process to wake Schumacher near the end of January.

His manager, Sabine Kehm, has been the only source of reliable information amid an obvious storm of rumours surrounding Schumacher’s condition. The latest update is a promising step forward in what will be a very long road towards recovery.

“Michael is making progress on his way. He shows moments of consciousness and awakening,” Sabine Kehm said.

“We are on his side during his long and difficult fight, together with the team of the hospital in Grenoble, and we keep remaining confident.”

Germany’s Bild newspaper also reports that Kehm has denied the rumour that Corina, Michael’s wife, is building a €10 million medical centre at their home. This is good news as a standard procedure for someone emerging from a coma is to enter a rehab facility, whereas a specially built medical wing at his home could suggest that he is still ventilator dependent.

The Formula One world continues to send well wishes to Schumacher and the Bahrain International Circuit, which hosts this weekend’s Grand Prix, has painted a message of support onto the barrier at turn 1.

Schumacher helped in the design of the Bahrain International Circuit, and turn 1 was named in his honour earlier this year. He also took pole at, and won, the inaugural running of the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Images courtesy Mercedes AMG F1 Team.


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