Ecclestone Wants Double Points For Last Three Races

Bernie Ecclestone has declared that he wants to see the double points rule extended to include the final three races.

The rule which was brought in for 2014 states that double points will be handed out for the final race of the season – i.e. the winner will be given fifty points and the driver in tenth will get two points.

The rule was met with almost universal criticism from fans, drivers and F1 media, and many lobbied for the rule to be completely abolished. Drivers pointed out how one bad day could throw the championship in favour of another driver, while fans pointed out that it made the other races less important.

An alternative to the rule, met with mixed reaction, was proposed. The alternative would be a team pre-selecting a race where they would earn double points. The FIA made no comment on this suggestion.

Now, however, Ecclestone says that he wants to award double points for Austin, Brazil and Abu Dhabi – the final three races of the season. The logic behind the madness is that he hopes to keep the Championship battle going until the final lap of the season.

Sebastian Vettel’s grip on the 2013 season was painful, as he won every Grand Prix with remarkable ease after the Summer break. F1’s audience figures plummeted due to his superiority over the grid.


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