McLaren and Lotus launch 2014 cars

McLaren and Lotus became the third and fourth teams to unveil their 2014 contenders today, with the MP4-29 and E22 respectively.

In contrast to the huge spectacle to celebrate their 50th anniversary in 2013, McLaren’s 2014 launch was more humble, simply revealing the silver and black car online.

Lotus simultaneously revealed the new Lotus, with the only noticeable difference from its predecessor being the new nose.

McLaren MP4-29

Lotus E22

Neither McLaren or Lotus were the first to unleash their car however. Force India revealed their VJM-07 on Tuesday, with Williams following suit and showing the first images of the Williams FW34 on Wednesday.

Force India VJM-07

Williams FW36

The first on-track activity for the new cars is next week for the first of three pre-season tests. However, neither Lotus or McLaren will be in attendance. Lotus previously announced that they would skip the test, while McLaren was forced to miss it when they failed their pre-season crash tests.




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