The Signs And Symptoms Of Being An F1 Addict

Unlike most sports, Formula One is a way of life for most of its fans, not just something that can kill a few hours on an idle Sunday. If you think that you, or someone who you know, may be suffering from F1 Addiction, here are some signs and symptoms you may recognise.

1. You use the racing line while walking... Perhaps one of the most noticeable symptoms of an F1 addict, subjects may also wait until the DRS zone before passing the person in front of them. You must all the time leave a gap! 

2. You realise just how long one second actually is… F1 – the only sport where the time it takes to blink could cost you the race win.

Five drivers finished within 0.61 of a second in the 1971 Italian Grand Prix

3. December brings a countdown to the new season, not Christmas… Christmas? What? Oh that thing? Yeah. There’s only 116,640 minutes between Christmas Day and lights out in Melbourne..

4. You go a bit OTT with the champagne… Hey, it happens to the best of us, alright?

5. Random pieces of crockery become steering wheels… May also include donning a pair of overalls and climbing into the bath…

6. You get incredibly artistic while doing the gardening… 

7. Excessive use of your hand when annoyed… Don’t tell me this has never happened to you…

Via Codemasters

8. You refer to drivers by the first three letters of their surname..Vet is not an animal doctor, Ham has nothing to do with pigs and Bia is not the Irish word for food. Warning – can become awkward when assembled in a certain way…


9. You know that Jordan is not a glamour model… But he tries his best, bless him. 




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5 responses to “The Signs And Symptoms Of Being An F1 Addict

  1. The letters of their surname??? Who needs surnames when you can call them fun things like, JB, Seb, Jev, Ro-Gro, or Hulk. Kimi you call Kimi because names don’t get any cooler than that.

  2. Danielle

    Makes so much sense

  3. Simone

    Eddie Jordan, what a guy…legend is not enough to describe him.

  4. Glenn Tux

    Another one would be looking forward to watching the practices just as much as the race

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