New Jersey “Fully Expect” To Be On 2014 Calendar

The race promoter for the planned New Jersey Grand Prix is adamant that the race will go ahead next year.

In an interview with PA Sport, Leo Hindery Jr. said that the race not appearing on the recently released provisional 2014 calendar was down to the fact that the circuit is yet to pay the sanctioning fee to the Automobile Competitions Committee for the US (ACCUS), essentially an American based FIA recognized by the FIA.

“We never had any expectation of being on a preliminary schedule,” he said. “But it took on a life of its own because so many of us are aspiring to be on the calendar that haven’t been there before – ourselves, Russia, Mexico, and with Austria also returning.

“In our particular case, we were told not to do anything but stick to the date of the 20th [of September], which we intend to do. Bernie told us if we stayed consistent with the rules and applications then he would expect there to be a New Jersey race. Time-wise, we have done everything we have been told to do, and when to do it.

“The calendar decision will be made later this month , and although I can’t guarantee anything, we fully expect to be on it.”

The race was originally scheduled for mid-June of this year, but was postponed following construction and financial problems.


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