Red Bull To Conduct Their Own Private Pirelli Test

After all the noise they made about Mercedes’ private (definitely not secret, oh no) test with Pirelli back in May, Red Bull were pretty quiet about their own private test with the tyre manufacturer.

The reigning champions were one of two teams who initially protested against Mercedes’ private test, news of which broke at the Monaco Grand Prix and saw the Silver Arrows dragged to the FIA International Tribunal. The trial, held on June 20th, found Mercedes and Pirelli to have conducted the test without the FIA’s knowledge and reprimanded both parties, while banning Mercedes from the then upcoming Young Drivers Test.

Unlike the Mercedes test however, Red Bull will be running their 2011 model, which is permitted within the regulations.

“It’s a test for Pirelli for them to look at tyre compounds for next year. We’ve just provided the car for them,” Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner said on Sunday. “It’s a test that others have conducted for Pirelli. It’s an old car, we’re running one of our test drivers in it – probably Daniel Ricciardo will drive on the other day.”

The test will take place sometime this month.


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One response to “Red Bull To Conduct Their Own Private Pirelli Test

  1. peteonsport

    Given that the regulations are changing so much next year, I’m not sure how relevant a test with a 2011 car is going to be.

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