Drivers Seek Assurance Over Pirelli Tyres

Drivers at the Belgian Grand Prix are seeking assurance that the Pirelli tyres are safe to race on the circuit which can be quite tough on tyres.

Both Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso suffered punctures at turn 14 today while Giedo van der Garde lost control at the same place and slid into the barriers. Pirelli believe that the punctures were caused by debris.

Now however, five leading drivers – Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber, Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button have approached FIA Technical Director Charlie Whiting seeking assurance that the tyres are safe. The British Grand Prix was almost red-flagged due to a string of tyre blow-outs which saw the following races almost boycotted as the GPDA (Grand Prix Drivers Association) threatening to pull out of the race should the Pirellis have any failures.

Any tyre failures tomorrow would almost certainly see action taken by drivers, perhaps even going so far as to boycott Sunday’s Grand Prix.


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