Alonso Under Investigation

Stewards at the Hungarian Grand Prix are investigating Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso after it emerged that the Spaniard used his DRS when it should have been disabled.

“After the race DRS activation data from car number three were analysed. It was found that the driver has activated the adjustable bodywork in threeoccasions when he was more than one second behind another car.” read a statement from FIA technical delegate Jo Bauer. 

“As this is not in conformity with Article 27.5 (b) of the 2013 Formula One Sporting Regulations I am referring this matter to the stewards for their consideration.”

Stewards have been busy this weekend penalizing Lotus’ Romain Grosjean and will have to make a decision on Alonso. Using DRS when restricted could result in a drive-through penalty which, as the race has ended, translates into a twenty-second time penalty. This would not have an affect on Alonso as the closest driver behind him, Grosjean, was also handed a twenty-second penalty and so means Alonso would keep his fifth place.


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