Pit Stop Changes For Red Bull

Red Bull Racing have responded to the incident last weekend at the German Grand Prix in which Mark Webber was released from the pits without his wheel, by changing the way they conduct their pit stops.

During the first round of stops at the Nurburgring, Mark Webber endured a longer than normal pit stop as the pit crew struggled to put the fresh tyre on. The nut on the tyre cross threaded and when the gunman went to get a new nut, he accidentally triggered the ‘go’ button on his gun which gave the front jack man the all clear to release the car.

As a result, the Pirelli worked itself loose, crossed the pitlane and hit an FOM cameraman who was hospitalised but due to make a full recovery.

Red Bull are now to construct a new wheel gun design to ensure that the ‘go’ signal cannot be triggered accidentally. They will also instruct the front jack man to wait for an obvious sign that all four tyres are securely on the car.

The incident has triggered a knee-jerk reaction from the FIA who have ruled that FOM cameramen must remain on the pitwall  at all times and have also banned all Media from the paddock during all sessions.

Image courtesy Sutton Images.


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