Hill Ends Dream Of Becoming Third Generation Champion

Damon Hill’s son, Josh, has officially ended his dream of becoming a third generation World Champion. The twenty-two year old is leaving F3 to pursue interests in ‘other fields’.

Hill had previously described a ‘burning ambition’ to reach Formula One but in a statement he released yesterday, Josh officially ended the ambition.

“Coming from the Hill family it was inevitable that I would be drawn to racing,” The statement read. “I have learned an enormous amount and really enjoyed the experience, but I do not want to compete unless I am 100% devoted. As I now have ambitions in other fields I feel it is the right move to withdraw from racing.”

His father, Damon said “Being born into a racing dynasty is not something many of us can easily relate to. It is entirely understandable if Josh has to find out if racing is his main calling or not. So it is with some sadness that we make this announcement. I’m sure there will be many disappointed ‘Hill’ fans out there but we hope they will be understanding…It is sometimes braver to stop than to carry on. He has my total support as always.”

Josh’s grandfather, Graham Hill, won two World Championships – 1962 and 1968 while his son, Damon, won the title in 1996.


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