Mercedes Ask For YDT Running On Safety Grounds

Although banned from the upcoming Young Driver’s Test due to the findings of the FIA International Tribunal on June 20th, Mercedes are to ask the FIA for permission to run in the test – which takes place in Silverstone in two weeks time.

The test, which traditionally gives teams a chance to run young drivers from GP2, GP3 or other feeder series, has now been converted into a not-so-young driver’s test as team’s were given permission to use their regular race drivers to test the new Pirelli tyres following the fiasco at the British Grand Prix. The Silverstone round just over a week ago saw five separate delaminations – one for race leader Lewis Hamilton, Jean-Eric Vergne and Felipe Massa, and two for Sergio Perez.

Now the teams will return to the same circuit to test for Pirelli and Mercedes’ Toto Wolff hope to convince the FIA to allow the team to complete one day of the three-day test, on Safety grounds: “When it is about safety it would be good if all teams are clear whether they [the tyres] work on their cars,” he told Autosport. “But it is up to the FIA to decide. Safety is the priority for the FIA and I am sure they would safeguard that it is the same for everybody.”

Image courtesy Getty Images. 


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