Four Germans Heading Home

Just as four Britons took place in last weekends British Grand Prix, four Germans will be on the grid this Sunday when lights go out at the Nurburgring.

Firstly, Nico Rosberg, who lives in Monaco but carries German citizenship, will be coming to Nurburgring with a smile on his face, having won last Sunday’s Grand Prix. The Nurburgring wasn’t really a Mercedes track in 2011 when the circuit last held a race, but neither was Silverstone where the Silver Arrows reigned supreme last weekend. In line with such, it’s anybody’s guess as to whether or not Mercedes will be top of the lot this weekend – but chances are they probably will be.

Today’s Birthday-Boy, Sebastian Vettel is heading to the circuit which tends to prefer his Australian team-mate. He has his team-mate’s warning of wanting to win this particular race ringing in his ears to contend with while trying to trump the Mercedes team. He, like many other drivers on the grid, seems to have some sort of home weakness and has never managed to climb to the top of the podium at a German round. His team-mate Mark Webber however, claimed his first career win at the same circuit in 2009 and grabbed pole in 2011. Will this year be Vettel’s year?

Adrian Sutil is leaving Force India’s home race for his own home round. The thirty year-old has always met the flag at the Nurburgring but has never scored a single point. However, with an improved Force India, which has scored points in the last three races, Sutil will be hoping for third-time lucky for points at the Nurburgring. While he should be able to put in a fight for a podium, the win will, for this season at least, probably elude him.

And finally, Nico Hulkenberg, who replaced Sutil at Force India in 2012 before moving to Sauber for this year, will stand the least chance of a podium finish. If Hulkenberg finishes in the points this race, he will have either stolen Dick Dastardly’s rocket powered car, or half the grid will have failed to finish the race. However, while Sauber will find it a challenge to make it through Q1 with both cars, don’t expect anything special in the race.


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