Hamilton And Lotus Reprimanded, Bottas Fined

Stewards at the British Grand Prix have handed out three separate penalties following this afternoon’s Free Practice 2.

Firstly, Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton was reprimanded for failing to keep to the right of the pitlane bollard when making his entry into the pits. The rules state that a driver must keep to the right of the bollard when entering the pits, to stop any drivers making sudden darts across the track.

However, the Briton failed to obey the rule and was subsequently summoned to the stewards office. The stewards ruled that he had indeed broken the rule, but as he had not crossed the track in a dangerous way, i.e. crossing the track in front of another driver, he would be given a reprimand instead of a full-blown penalty.

Lotus was also given a reprimand. The Enstone based team were given the reprimand for an unsafe release in the pitlane.

Finally, William’s Valtteri Bottas was fined €1,ooo for speeding in the pitlane. According to the rules in 2013, a driver is fined €100 for each kilometre per hour he exceeds the speed limit. Having clocked 9.6km/h above the limit, Bottas’ fine was rounded up to 10km/h over, hence the €1,000 fine.


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