Red Bull to Boycott Young Driver’s Test?

The latest story doing the rounds in Formula One is that Red Bull Racing could be set to boycott this year’s Young Driver Test.

It all comes down to the ruling of the FIA International Tribunal which reprimanded both Pirelli and Mercedes for their three-day ‘private’ tire test following the Spanish Grand Prix in May, and also handed Mercedes a ban from the three-day Young Driver’s Test, a penalty which Mercedes themselves nominated.

Mercedes have stated they will not be challenging the tribunal’s ruling, and rightly so – it is ideal for the team. Essentially, they were given a three-day test all to themselves in which they were allowed to use their own drivers, and got away almost repercussion free. In fact, the only person who suffers is the team’s reserve driver, Sam Bird, who would have been given the three day’s running at the YDT.

Understandably, Red Bull and Ferrari, the two teams who initially lodged the complaint to stewards at the Monaco Grand Prix, where the test was first let slip about, were absolutely furious at the tribunal’s ruling. In their mind, Mercedes struggled at the Spanish Grand Prix and won the next Grand Prix in Monaco, due to the unfair advantage the team received during the test.

In protest to the ruling, the Daily Mail reports that Red Bull are to boycott the Young Driver’s Test and in its place, hold their own three-day test.

If this is just talk to demonstrate their dissatisfaction or not, I can’t say for certain. I’d highly doubt RBR are to do such a thing though. Mercedes essentially got away with it due to a messy management and a not-airtight rule book. You could be damn sure that if Red Bull stood out of line, obviously in a deliberate dig at the FIA, they wouldn’t get off as lightly as Mercedes did.

Also, acting like the spoiled child doesn’t always prove to be a fan-favourite. In summation, it really wouldn’t be the best of ideas for Red Bull to take that particular line.

In the off-chance that Christian Horner or any of the Red Bull management is reading – shut up, suit up and take your revenge on track.


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