Sutil Furious Over “Inconsistent Stewarding

Force India’s Adrian Sutil has left revealed that he is furious at the ‘inconsistent’ stewarding, which saw the German handed a penalty during Sunday’s Canadian Grand Prix.

He was deemed to have ignored blue flags when Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso, who were battling for second place, came up behind the Force India to lap him. As a result, the race stewards handed him a drive-through penalty.

Sutil was furious at the decision and has vowed to confront race director, Charlie Whiting on the matter.

“I don’t think Lewis lost a position because I was holding him up. That all happened in the next few laps. It’s really a shame but I was eighth and fighting hard for this position, and they took it away like that.” He said post-race.

He then expressed his wish for clearer rules on the issue of blue flags. “I just want a real clear clarification. What do you do when you’re in front and someone is lapping you? How many corners do you have to let them by? 

“Charlie says normally that you have to find a way through if you’re behind lapped cars. I had no clear instruction and it’s really, really disappointing that they’re inconsistent in their decisions.”

Sutil wasn’t the only driver handed a penalty for ignoring blue flags. Caterham’s Giedo van der Garde was handed a 10-second stop/go penalty for both ignoring the blue flags, and at the same time causing an avoidable incident – when he clashed with Red Bull’s Mark Webber as the Aussie tried to lap the younger Dutchman. Van der Garde would later retire with damage he sustained in a collision with Sauber’s Nico Hulkenberg.

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