Massa Runs Warsaw Demo For Ferrari

Ferrari’s Felipe Massa wowed 30,000 petrol heads in the Polish capital, Warsaw, last Saturday as part of a promo event for Shell.

The Brazilian was at the hands of his 2009 Ferrari F60 for the day as he drove a specially designed layout on the streets of the capital. Massa completed twenty laps of the circuit which featured two chicanes and two hairpin corners. Ferrari also boasted their pit stop abilities, changing the Ferrari’s tires in front of the crowd.

Of the demo, Massa said, “It’s incredible to be here in Warsaw for the first time and to be able to show local fans the magic of Formula One. It’s been really good fun. There aren’t many street circuits on the Formula One calendar but we go to Monaco next week so it’s great that Shell has been able to create some of that special feeling here ahead of the race.”

Massa currently stands fifth in the standings coming from the Spanish Grand Prix where he was on the podium for the first time since last October.

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