Chilton Defends Marussia Seat

Marussia’s Max Chilton has defended his place in Formula One, saying money was not the driving factor behind his 2013 seat.

The rookie became Marussia’s reserve driver last September in the run up to the Singapore Grand Prix, eventually leaving GP2 for a full-time drive this season. The impressive efforts of Jules Bianchi, Chilton’s team-mate, so far this season have left some critics saying the Briton is in Formula One purely because he could pay for it, not because he deserved it.

Chilton on the other hand, cites talent as Marussia’s main motivation to sign him. “I’ve had that negativity all my career.” he told the Sunday Telegraph when the issue of financial backing was brought up. “You have to put it behind you, and not focus on it. It is complete rubbish. It’s fuel to drive you on to be even better. I put it behind me a long time ago. Sometimes people are critical and use my father’s support as something against me.

“But ultimately an F1 team would never accept you unless you could do the job. I am here to become a race-winner and, I hope, a world champion. I do this to prove things to myself. I know that I am good enough.”


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