Sir Richard Branson – The Air Hostess

Meet Sir Richard Branson – entrepeneur and billionaire turned Air Hostess.

Once you’ve gotten over the shock of the photo above, you’ll probably want to figure out why you’re eyes saw that. It all relates to a bet between himself and Tony Fernandes. Tony the owner of AirAsia and the Caterham F1 Team and Richard the owner or Virgin airlines and the Formula One team of the same name. Back in 2010 when Branson owned Virgin Racing and Fernandes owned Lotus, the two billionaires made a bet.

The bet was as to whose team would finish higher in the 2010 Championship. Being billionaires, they saw it as pointless to hold a bet over money and so elected that the forfeit be the loser donning an Air Hostess uniform and serving the winner on a flight. At the end of the season, Virgin were 12th and Lotus were 1oth; Branson had lost.

As a result, Sir Branson shaved his legs, donned make up and fish net stockings aswell as the full stewards uniform. He got his own back however, spilling juice on Tony Fernandes mid-flight between Australia and Malaysia.

All over, Branson reflected brightly on his time as the flight crew, later joking, “I always wanted to be an air hostess.”


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  1. A great sport Mr Branson and Mr Fernandes clearly appreciated it…

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