Alonso Escapes Post-Race Penalty

Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso has been given the all clear by stewards following a post-race investigation.

The Spaniard won this afternoon’s Spanish Grand Prix, his first win at the Circuit de Catalunya since 2006, in front of adoring home crowds and pulled over mid-way through his parade lap to accept a Spanish flag from a marshall. He then drove the rest of the lap waving the flag and then placed it over the No.1 marker board in the pitlane.

Stewards however, took a dim view of this and launched a farcical investigation into the incident, demanding that Alonso be at a meeting of the stewards at 17.30 to explain his actions.

Alonso appeared and apparently talked sense into the stewards as he was given the all-clear for “receiving an object after the end-of-race signal”.

His car was also removed from scrutineering as the FIA wanted a closer look at the winning car’s under-belly. This also came to nothing and the F138 was returned to Parc Fermé.


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