‘Telemetry Problems Fixed For Barcelona’ – Warwick

Former Formula One driver turned part-time race steward, Derek Warwick believes the telemetry problems which have blighted the sport for first four races will be rectified in time for the Spanish Grand Prix.

The Barcelona round will be held in two weeks, by which time Warwick is sure will be enough time for supplier Riedel to fix the technical bugs.

“We’ve been told they’ve got an upgrade which is going to Barcelona and then it’ll be working from there.” Warwick told Reuters.

The system controls important functions such as the track-side electronic flags and in-car flag indicators. Each car is equipped with equipment which alerts the driver, via lights on his dashboard, to the current track status – flashing yellow in yellow flag zones, blue when a driver must move over to be lapped etc.

Warwick also explained the reason why the drivers have been given slack during the recent races, such as the Chinese Grand Prix where eight drivers were left unpunished after being investigated for overtaking under yellow flags.

“You can’t blame a driver if we’ve messed up in terms of the support package. The FIA has asked us to be lighter on fines for the drivers, but we still have the same tools available to us for other punishments.”


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