Ecclestone Limits Prize Money To Top Ten Teams

Formula One ringmaster Bernie Ecclestone has set into law a new rule which will see only the top ten constructors receive prize money once the season ends.

Last year, all twelve constructors (including the now dead Hispania) got a share of the prize money, important especially for the three back-markers of Caterham, Marussia and HRT who operate on much smaller budgets than the front-running outfits.

With HRT now gone, the new rule means that one team will be left out once the prize money is allocated.

“For three years we did something different because we had an agreement with Max [Mosley] but from now on we will pay the top 10 and that’s it.” Ecclestone told the Daily Telegraph.

F1’s Concorde Agreement expired at the end of 2012 and it’s replacement is yet to be signed by all teams. In the mean-time, Bernie has arranged commercial contracts with each team individually – all except for Marussia who have finished 11th every year since 2010 and would finish outside the money this year, should they fail to beat rivals Caterham.

The Russian outfit is currently leading Caterham, much thanks to impressive rookie Jules Bianchi who has quickly made a name for himself in the first four races of this season.

Ecclestone’s plan could prove fatal to the team who finishes 11th, as the smaller teams rely on the prize money in place of the big advertising the big names get.


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