Horner Sees Four-Way Championship Battle

Christian Horner insists that the battle for Formula One’s constructors championship is still between four teams.

Red Bull, which has snapped up both the driver and constructor titles every year since 2010, is currently leading both championships in the run up to the Spanish Grand Prix which will begin the European stint of the calender.

Horner, however, has downplayed the teams dominance, explaining the Lotus, Ferrari and Mercedes still stand as serious rivals.

“Ferrari is strong, Lotus has a good car, and the Mercedes certainly over a single lap is very strong. The rest are a step behind.” He said. “It’s close, it’s tight and I’m sure it’s going to move around from circuit to circuit as we head back to Europe. But having won two of the four races plus a second place, it has been a strong start to the campaign for us.”

Regarding Sebastian Vettel’s outstanding dominance at the Bahrain Grand Prix, Horner said this, “Seb did a phenomenal job of managing the tyres. He was totally in control from the moment he took the lead, passing Nico Rosberg and then controlled the race beautifully.

“At no point was he ever threatened – and in the end it was a very dominant win.”


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