Pirelli Not to Blame For Hamilton Tyre Issues

It seems that Pirelli are completely blame free following problems with Lewis Hamilton’s Pirellis which cost him dearly over the Bahrain Grand Prix.

The Briton suffered a delamination in the closing stages of Saturday morning’s Free Practice 3 session and he crawled back to the pits. However, during an inspection of the car in the time after FP3, the team decided that the MGP-04’s gearbox would have to be replaced due to the damage.

That left the Briton down in P9 following the mandatory five-place grid drop for a gearbox change, while team-mate Rosberg lined up on pole position.

The blame was pinned on unstable Pirelli tyres but Paul Hembery, motorsport director at Pirelli now claims that they are not to blame.

Posting the following picture online, Hembery said, “When we talk debris, this is what we mean. These pieces came back with one tyre today. On the otherside is the branding of the car they came from….

He then posted this photo with the words, “This what we see from a failed tyre using our CSI lab at the circuit. It is the puncture entry point.

Massa suffered two separate tyre issues during today’s Bahrain Grand Prix and on that subject, Paul had this to say, “From initial look Massa had one cut through the top of the tyre, and on the second, a big cut in the sidewall. Strange as no contact reported, so we need to look at that with Ferrari“.


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