F1 Could Lose Historic Interlagos Circuit

Formula One could see the historic Interlagos circuit dropped from its calender, if the race’s organisers fail to see upgrades made to the track.

The F1 ringmaster told O Estado de Sao Paulo newspaper that the 2013 Brazilian round, which is scheduled as the season’s curtain closer, could also stand as the curtain closer for F1’s time at the track.

“The track is one of the best in the world, for sure”. said 82-year-old Ecclestone. “Yet the facilities for the public and the teams are the worst on the calendar. I doesn’t have to be like [Shanghai], but it must meet our operational needs. We can’t keep pushing other circuits while Interlagos remains as it is year after year”.

“I don’t expect changes for this year but if the circuit is not in shape, then we will not go to Sao Paulo in 2014. We have to know if we’ll be in Sao Paulo or another Brazilian city. 

On the subject of travelling to Santa Catarina to look at plans for a Hermann Tilke designed track last year, Ecclestone said, “I confess to having being impressed by the willingness of these people to carry out the project. I believe that if we give them the green light, work will start immediately”.

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