Webber Penalised For Vergne Crash

Red Bull’s Mark Webber has been handed a three-place grid penalty ahead of next weekend’s Bahrain Grand Prix.

The Australian driver was storming the grid as he started in the pitlane following a dismal qualifying for the 36-year-old which saw his RB9 running out of fuel as a result of a malfunctioning fuel rig which delivered only 3 litres of fuel.

The 150ml left in the Red Bull was far below the minimum of 1 litre required by the stewards for an ample fuel sample. Demoted to 22nd, the team elected to start from the pitlane as so they could make changes to the car.

Coming up behind Jean-Eric Vergne during his charge, Webber jumped up the inside of the Frenchman into turn 3 but Vergne turned in on Webber. Vergne spun around and Webber damaged his front wing. Webber’s pit stop to fix his front wing went disastrously wrong and he lost his rear right tire as a result which saw his retirement from the Grand Prix.

Webber is also under investigation for using DRS under yellow flags.


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