Red Bull Hopeful Of Strong Sunday Performance

Red Bull drivers Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel are hopeful that they can pull something out of the bag tomorrow having suffered a poor qualifying session.

Sebastian Vettel failed to set a time in Q1 and will subsequently start from P9 on the grid while Mark Webber in the other RB9 had a serious malfunction on the fueling rig which saw him receive just 3 litres of fuel for his lap. As a result, Webber was forced to pull over on his in-lap with merely 150ml of fuel in the car – far below the minimum fuel sample of 1 litre required by the stewards during post-session scrutineering.

Mark Webber, who has experience storming the grid in China, admitted it was a bad day for the team but hoped Sunday would bring better fortunes, “It’s very disappointing. Q1 went okay; I was comfortable with the car and we had a good plan for the rest of the session. In Q2 we lost fuel pressure so I had to turn the car off and couldn’t get it back to the pits. I had to stop on the circuit, so qualifying was over before it started really.

We need a bit of luck now; it’s not the optimum starting position, but we still have to try to get something from there.

Meanwhile, Sebastian Vettel is hoping that his unusual strategy will pay off for him during the Grand Prix, “We’re obviously on a different strategy to the cars in front, whether that works or not we will see tomorrow, but I’m confident we did the right thing based on the facts we have.

“It was a different approach to normal in today’s qualifying and it all came down to the last few minutes for everyone; it was very silent and then everyone left in a queue to start the lap at the same time – but not a problem. We have the advantage of choosing the tyres for tomorrow, so we’ll see”.


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