Points Out Of The Question For Bianchi

Jules Bianchi believes points are still out of the reach of Marussia, despite a fantastic start to the season.

Bianchi has shown himself to be the best of the so-called back-markers finishing 15th in Australia and 13th in Malaysia.

And even with an expected tenth or two to be gained with upgrades at the Spanish Grand Prix, Bianchi thinks they wont have the speed to reach the points.

“We have to be realistic,” The Frenchman told Sky Sports “I think it will be difficult as we are still missing some performance, but if we can do it, we will and our target will be to score our first point this year for sure.”

When asked about his target for the year, he said: “First of all I will try to finish every race – I know it will be something really difficult, so I will focus on that and try to gain more experience by finishing every race I can.”

“I am trying to do my best, but you never know what will happen. Every sport is the same – one day you are on the top, the next you are on the bottom. So you just have to work as much as you can all the time and don’t think you have already arrived. For sure I will try to keep my level as it is now and even improve as I need to improve for sure.”


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