Red Bull Smash McLaren Pit Stop Record – Five times!

The Multi-21 controversy in Malaysia almost let an astonishing feat escape unnoticed – the fact that Red Bull broke McLaren’s pit stop record – not once, not twice, not three or four times, but FIVE times during the Malaysian Grand Prix.

The previous record for a stationary pit stop was 2.31 seconds, set by McLaren and Jenson Button during last year’s German Grand Prix.

Yet, Red Bull have beaten the astonishing record by changing all four wheels on their RB9 under the 2.31s time.

The first time they broke the record was on Lap 5 when Sebastian Vettel pitted and recorded a 2.13 stop time. Mark Webber boxed two laps later and set an identical time of 2.13. Webber stopped again and set the new record, a mind-boggling 2.05 seconds on lap 19, before stopping again on lap 31 to set a 2.21. The fifth and final stop was Mark Webber’s 2.26 stationary time in the pits on Lap 43 – the pit stop after which Sebastian Vettel ignored the Multi-21 order.

It seems to suggest that we could see a pit stop made in less two seconds, in the not-all to distant future. Four wheels in two seconds – astonishing!

Red Bull Pit Stop Times: 

Sebastian Vettel Stop 1 (Lap 5): 2.13 seconds
Mark Webber Stop 1 (Lap 7): 2.13 seconds
Mark Webber Stop 2 (Lap 19): 2.05 seconds
Mark Webber Stop 3 (Lap 31): 2.21 seconds
Mark Webber Stop 4 (Lap 43): 2.26 seconds

Photo courtesy Red Bull Racing


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One response to “Red Bull Smash McLaren Pit Stop Record – Five times!

  1. Dean Smith

    At least Mark can beat him in the pits!!

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