‘Hamilton & Alonso Would Do The Same’ – Horner

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has come out in defense of Sebastian Vettel following the Multi-21 controversy.

The team was embroiled in controversy following the Malaysian Grand Prix when Sebastian Vettel defied team orders to pass Mark Webber in the closing stages of the race. A furious Mark Webber vented his anger in the post-race interview session and has since returned to Australia for a surfing holiday.

There was a huge public backlash against Vettel’s actions – particularly given the two’s previous history but now Christian Horner claims that Lewis Hamilton or Fernando Alonso would do the same.

Horner told Totalrace, “You don’t win as much as he has by being submissive. If Fernando Alonso or Lewis Hamilton were in that position, they would do the same.”

“If Mark Webber was in that position, he would as well. So let’s not talk about it like it’s only Sebastian.”

Lewis Hamilton wasn’t completely innocent as the Malaysian Grand Prix, also involved in team orders when the Mercedes’ lined up 3rd and 4th with Rosberg running directly behind his new team-mate.

Rosberg’s pleas to Ross Brawn over the team radio to be allowed pass the slower Brit, failed and Lewis apologised to Nico post race.

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  1. Like any other Formula 1 team, Horner wants Red Bull to win at all costs even at the risk of losing control of his race team. Mercedes (ergo Rosberg) demonstrated professionalism by following orders and sacrificing a position for his team.

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