Mark Will Race In China – Says Alan Webber

The Father of Red Bull’s Mark Webber is certain that his son will be racing at the Chinese Grand Prix in little under three weeks.

The Aussie was leading the Malaysian Grand Prix from team-mate Sebastian Vettel until Vettel defied team orders to pass Webber and win the race. Webber was furious, swiping in front of Vettel’s car post race and threatening to boycott the podium ceremony.

Red Bull were also not happy, coming on the radio to Vettel post race, first congratulating him on the win and then telling him they will need to sit down and have a talk with him about the meaning of the word ‘team’. Mark’s anger spilled over into the post-race press conference where he refused to accept Vettel’s apologies and he then made claims which would suggest he is seriously considering his place in the sport for the future. He has since returned to Australia on a surfing holiday.

But Alan Webber was quick to douse rumours of Webber’s imminent retirement telling the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that “We’ll be up in China for the next one.”

He went on to criticise Vettel’s actions, “I think it will take a while to earn the respect and trust again. Sebastian disobeyed team orders and most, if not all the team, are disappointed with him.

“Up and down the pit lane Mark has not lost any credibility at all. It’s probably Sebastian who has lost an awful lot.”

The Malaysian incident just cemented the unease that exists between the two men which has existed since the 2010 Turkish Grand Prix in which Vettel hit Webber during a botched overtaking attempt, taking Vettel out of the race and demoting Webber from 1st to 3rd.


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