Qualifying Postponed Until Sunday Morning

Qualifying for the Australian Grand Prix has been postponed until Sunday morning. The Q1 session has already been run which means that only the 15 minute long Q2 and 10 minute long Q3 sessions will be held at 11am local time or Midnight GMT.

The Q1 session was delayed three times, eventually starting half an hour late at 17.30 local time. Driver’s struggled miserably in the conditions, spins, slips and shunts galore in the 20 minute opening session. Eventually, an on fire Nico Rosberg finished the session on top while Esteban Gutierrez ended the session in the walls after turn 12.

Stewards took the decision to delay Qualifying by ten minutes – then a further twenty – and a final twenty before eventually making the call to postpone until Sunday due to the fading light.

One can recall a similar situation at the 2010 Korean Grand Prix when the hurridly assembled Grand Prix ran out of light near the end of the race and with no track lighting installed, it was raced in nearly complete darkness.

Another option would be to use the Q1 results to form tomorrow’s grid but the stewards ruled that postponing Qualifying was fairer to all.


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