‘With McLaren Until The End’ – Says Button

Jenson Button wants to finish his career at McLaren where he has been driving since 2010.

Following Michael Schumacher’s retirement, the Briton has become the most experienced driver on the grid with 230 races under his belt. Entering what will be his 14th season, Button has expressed the wish that he lives out the rest of his time in F1 at McLaren, saying he feels very comfortable at the team.

However, he denied that he will be following Schumacher’s example and leaving the sport any time soon.

“I feel like I’d like to end my career here. I’m not saying that’s going to happen soon. I don’t see me leaving. There’s no reason to. He said. “Some people decide to leave this team because they feel there’s another challenge, or something’s missing from their position. For me, there is still so much to achieve. 
“We had the launch, 50 years of McLaren, and to see what the team had achieved in terms of world championships, drivers and constructors is spectacular – and I want to add to that, not just this year, but in the coming years.” He concluded.
Button’s 2012 team-mate Lewis Hamilton was brought through the ranks and into F1 by McLaren and has now jumped ship to Mercedes to be replaced by Sergio Perez.

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