“Webber could be Champion” – says Coulthard

Former Red Bull driver David Coulthard has told the Australian Grand Prix podcast, Keeping Track, that Mark Webber could be champion.

The Scott, who also drove for McLaren and Williams in his 15 year career, said the Aussie had the talent to scoop a World Championship, “Had it not been for Sebastian [Vettel], Mark would have been maybe a multiple World Champion. The reality is, if Mark continues to do what he has been doing over the last couple of years, then there’s no reason why he wouldn’t continue”.

The future is in Mark’s hands. He’s a great racing driver and has won nine Grands Prix, some of them fantastic like a couple of times at Silverstone and Monaco, two very different and challenging race tracks that show the depth of his talent.”

Webber led the 2012 championship before a mid-season slump saw him drop down the standings with his younger team-mate Vettel winning his third consecutive title.

Recovering from a broken leg, Webber also led the 2010 championship until he crashed out of the Korean Grand Prix while enduring a fractured collarbone. His 2011 performance was nothing short of a joke in comparison to his dominant German counter-part but his stunning repeat wins in Monaco and Silverstone in 2012 saw him offered a contract mid-season.

Red Bull’s policy of giving the 36 year old a one year contract has raised much speculation that he could make a return to Le Mans. Yet, Coulthard believes he can defend his seat at constructors champions Red Bull from the much younger talents of Sebastian Buemi and Daniel Ricciardo.

That’s the dilemma Red Bull have. I’m sure Daniel would be entirely capable, but as a team, you want to keep the equilibrium if it’s working. If the cake is turning out good every time, you keep putting in the same ingredients.

Webber will be launching his 2013 campaign at his home race in Australia on March 17th.



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2 responses to ““Webber could be Champion” – says Coulthard

  1. ian j pyke

    Whilst Seb is in the team, not a prayer. Not purely based on Sebs talents but he, like Schumi and Senna before him will play
    the political game.

  2. Tony Harman

    Still makes some very stupid errors & mentally not sure. Whinges far too much!!

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