McLaren reveal MP4-28

McLaren has become the second team to launch their 2013 challenger.

Jenson Button and Sergio Perez pulled the cover off the MP4-28 in front of guests at the team’s factory in Woking, following a parade of historic McLaren cars and a video about Bruce McLaren to mark the 50th anniversary.

The car features a very similar livery to the 2012 edition but Jenson Button who has been a driver with the team since 2010 maintains that the McLaren has developed since last time out in Brazil.

“It might look similar because it has the same colour scheme, but this is completely different to last year – under the skin it’s so, so different. That’s why I think it’s an exciting season for us.

Paddy Lowe was absent from proceedings which led to a rumour mill in which it was suggested he was definitely following Lewis Hamilton to Mercedes but post-launch, Martin Whitmarsh told Sky Sports, “The one certainty is that Paddy will be part of the team for another year. It’s less certain – as I think has been speculated in the media – beyond that but I’m sure we’ll have some certainty in the near future.”

Ferrari will reveal their car, the F138, from Maranello tomorrow while Force India will unveil their VJM06 at Silverstone.


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