Massa contemplated quitting F1

Ferrari driver Felipe Massa admitted this week that he contemplated ending his Formula One career during the 2012 season.

Massa, enduring a third unsuccessful season alongside Fernando Alonso, scored just 25 points in the first half of the season, compared to his team-mates tally of 164, as Fernando led the Championship following three race wins. Massa told the BBC that he had doubts as to his ability to keep racing. When asked if he had considered stopping, Massa answered “Yeah”.

He continued on, saying, “I thought about so many things. I thought maybe I was finished. I thought about not staying in Ferrari. I did not know what would happen. So many things were inside my brain.”

He also declared that talks with a sports psychologist was one of the primary factors which finally aided him in changing his way of thinking and turning his form around for the second half of the season.

“I talked to everyone. But I also did work with a professional psychologist, sporting psychologist. That was just the beginning. After that I was able to change the direction to think, the direction to work and I think it was like training I did. But also I think my family helps, definitely 100%.”

Massa surprised everyone coming back from such a dismal first season and scoring his first podium since Korea 2010, when he took second place in Japan.

Photo courtesy of The Sun. 


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