An ode to Formula One

One would be mistaken for thinking that free classes are for study. Instead, my schoolmates tend to descend into chaos, crafting dodgy airplanes out of ripped-up-copies and taking the time to catch up on the gossip of the school. I, on the other hand, write when I can. Be it opinion pieces or news, I take every available chance to write about F1. Today I dedicated my free class to writing something I wouldn’t usually do… I wrote a poem! Having spent yesterday scrolling through the fantastic work of the F1 poet, Ernie Black (See link at bottom), I decided to try my hand at poetry. It was certainly an interesting experiment! But without further ado, here it is, An ode to Formula One. 

The roar of an engine,

The squeal of a tyre,

The cheer of the crowd

As a car catches fire.

A flash of blue,

A flash of red,

He’s already won it,

In his head.

He slides around corners,

And glides down the straight.

He’s in the Zone,

And on his way home,

He’s at the last corner,

And hears Christian Horner,

Move over Mark,

There’s a good boy.

As I said, it’s nothing I’m to familiar with and don’t expect to see many more off me, but for some truly fantastic poetry, be sure to check out Ernie Black’s work at



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2 responses to “An ode to Formula One

  1. You’re as mad as a brush….but I’ll keep it Hush hush….Boom Boom!! 🙂

  2. Stevie

    Well, I liked that. Very muchly. Got a giggle out of it. Well done. 🙂

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