Perez gets lucky with Stewards in Austin

Sergio Perez will be thanking the racing gods after avoiding a penalty in Austin.

The Mexican whose performances have been disastrous since he signed his contract with McLaren, sent his Sauber up the inside of Charles Pic’s Marussia in the middle of the double ‘S’ sequence. Perez must have fallen asleep, as no driver would normally be as silly as to send his car into another. He even had to cut the corner, but he hit Pic.

Yet he has escaped scott free from a penalty today. Yesterday he was reprimanded for impeding the other Marussia of Timo Glock and he was also slapped with a €1,200 fine for speeding in the pit lane. Across the social networking site ‘Twitter’, Fans have blasted Perez’s far too aggressive overtake, in Practice, when he has nothing to lose by staying behind a car for a couple of corners, backed up by Sky Sport’s video analyst and former F1 driver, Anthony Davidson, who agreed that he should be penalised.

It has also been suggested that the reason for Perez evading a penalty is that 40% of the ticket holders for the Grand Prix are Mexican, and they don’t want to upset them.

Either way, it is strongly believed to have been the wrong call.



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2 responses to “Perez gets lucky with Stewards in Austin

  1. Hi Ben,

    Thank you for clearing this up for me. I was at work so only heard snippets of the story so this has been incredibly beneficial!

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