Teams warned about language

The FIA has warned teams to be more careful with their choice of words following on from the colourful display of vocabulary on the podium recently.

Race winner Kimi Raikkonen and defending World Champion were ‘casual’ with their language during the post-race podium interviews after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

The FIA has sent all teams a letter, which has been described by an FIA spokesman as “Friendly”, to remind them that it was “”very much our collective responsibility to make sure drivers are aware such language has no place during media events”.

It also said that cursing in live interviews “shines an unwelcome beam of adverse publicity on their teams and sponsors, the sport and FIA”.

The letter confirmed that the FIA fully understood that “in the ‘heat of battle’, adrenaline, elation and disappointment make for a dangerous and heady mix. But F1 drivers are not the only ones being interviewed in such conditions: I think of boxers, rugby and football players who are routinely interviewed live on television after a gruelling sporting effort. They manage to avoid inappropriate language.”

The current form of interviews was only introduced recently. The drivers on podium are interviewed by a former driver, such as Jean Alesi, Martin Brundle and Niki Lauda. Before this, drivers simply received their trophies, waved, sprayed champagne and left to hold the post race interviews in a private media room.


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