Webber: “I will not pull over for Vettel”

Red Bull driver Mark Webber has insisted that he will not pull over for his team-mate during the Indian Grand Prix, despite being 63 points behind him in the standings with 100 points up for grabs.

When asked if Red Bull would allow him to win the race, despite his team-mate being involved in a tense championship battle, he said “I will win. That’s it.  If I’m in the lead this weekend, I’m not pulling over for anyone.” He added.

The Aussie, who was a close runner-up in the 2010 Championship was asked if his objection to team orders could lead to punishment, countered that Red Bull team principal Christian Horner had assured that he could race while he still stood a chance at the title.

“This weekend, if I have a chance to win the grand prix, I will go for it,” the Australian said. “Mathematically I have a chance.” but admitted”It’s going to take a lot of smelly races for Seb and Fernando.”

“Winning some races is going to be useful but if those guys are finishing as they normally do it’s going to be difficult to get those kinds of points back, given how the points are spread now. Very difficult but never say never.”

Webber and Vettel haven’t always had the best relationship. In 2010, both drivers were in a vicious five way fight for the title resulting in two coming together in Turkey and Britain.


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