Webber and Grosjean clear the air

Romain Grosjean and Mark Webber have, publicly at least, cleared the air following Grosjean’s wreckless driving which sent Webber into a spin at the start of the Japanese Grand Prix last weekend. Romain sped into the back of the Red Bull on the first corner of the race and was given a 10 second stop go penalty by race stewards. Webber was furious though and refered to the Frenchman as a “First-Lap Nutcase”.

However, the two have since talked to each other and are happy to forget about it and move on. “Mark came to see me and I completely understand that he was unhappy,” Grosjean said at the driver press conference in Korea. “All I could do was apologise; I’m clearly conscious of the risk at the start and I’m working to change quite a lot of things but that doesn’t come from one day to another one, there is a process going on. I said I was very sorry, I’m not stupid and I’m conscious of the risks. Hopefully now it will be a different story and I will not make the same mistake of focusing on the wrong target.”

Grosjean has already served a one race suspension this year (The first in nearly two decades) after he caused the massive crash at the beginning of the Belgian Grand Prix and Mark Webber said he might need another holiday after the Japanese Grand Prix. However, he has accepted Grosjean’s apology and is happy the matter has been resolved.

“Yeah, absolutely. I went to see Romain and we had a discussion about it and that was it,” Webber said.

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