USA GP in doubt says Ecclestone

F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone has cast doubt over the 2013 New Jersey Grand Prix after he confirmed that the organisers no longer have a valid contract to hold the Grand Prix.

The race which would take place on the streets of New York is scheduled to join the F1 calender in 2013, Just 7 months after the Circuit Of The America’s in Texas hold’s its first Grand Prix. The construction of a huge pit and paddock complex has already begun on the banks of the famous Hudson River. But today, Bernie Ecclestone told  the Guardian that the organisers of the race “have not complied with the terms and conditions of the contract which is now gone anyway. They don’t have a contract.”

A provisional calender for the 2013 season was released during last weekends Singapore Grand Prix and has the New Jersey Grand Prix in place of the Valencia Grand Prix in mid-june but is marked ‘subject to confirmation”.

Ecclestone reckons the organisers don’t have long to meet the terms of the contract with the calender expected to be approved at Friday’s World Motor Sport Council meeting.

“We are pretty close to the final deadline,” he added. “We have got a world council meeting coming up. I think if somebody got behind them it could happen in 2013 because they have come a long way with the circuit.”

A similar situation arose with the Circuit Of The America’s last year before a deal was finally struck in December 2011.


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