Webber eager to relaunch title bid

Red Bull’s Mark Webber is eager to relaunch his World Championship title bid, but admits that he will need to radically improve his performance for this to become a reality. Webber won in spectacular fashion in Silverstone, passing Fernando Alonso on the outside into Luffield to win the race but has since suffered a massive downturn since. He finished 8th in Germany and Hungary, 6th in Belgium and retired 2 laps from the end in Monza after spinning the car.

“We’ve lost some points,” said the Red Bull driver Thursday. “The position is not very important, because everyone’s give or take. I don’t even know who’s second or third, but we’re all on similar points. The points are more of an issue; you don’t want to be getting too far out of control.

“It’s obvious you’re not going to have much of a championship if you finish like we have been in the last few races. We know we’ve got to improve, we’ve got to get back towards the front, we’ve got to be qualifying better, we’ve got to overall just do a better job. That’s completely in our hands, and that’s something we’re all looking forward to. The philosophy within our team is a winning mentality, a very, very driven mentality, and high level expectation. We’re sitting here like we’re at a funeral, but we’re leading the constructors’ championship.  We have had a few tough results, but this team has got some good depth in it. Look at Button a few weeks ago. . . . Things move around very fast. We’ve seen some big dips in form, and big changes in team form, driver form. I’m just happy to be racing again this weekend, and let’s see what happens.”

Webber suggested that he should be in a more comfortable in Singapore this year after the blown diffuser’s played a big part in the race. He used the Monaco Grand Prix as an example, saying:

“In Monaco last year, I wasn’t in the picture all weekend, really, and this year I was comfortable there and won the Grand Prix,” the Australian said. “And the blown cars were quite powerful at venues like this, so it amplified my feeling in the negative aspects. Let’s hope it can swing it back the other way and I have a nice feeling for the car here and get the rhythm very well which you need on street circuits.”

Red Bull will be going into this weekend after their first double DNF since Korea 2010, where people agree, Webber lost the 2010 World Championship.


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