The Charging Bull tames the Prancing Horse

Mark Webber has won the British Grand Prix. The Aussie started in second place behind Fernando Alonso but a quick Webber out paced the prancing horse to pass with just five laps to the chequered flag. 

At lights out, Alonso swiped right immediately somehow managing to avoid tangling with Webber who had no choice but to go left. Behind them, Massa and Raikkonen made slight contact while Paul Di Resta also suffered at the hands of the Finn who gave the Scot a right rear puncture sending him off the track. Di Resta recovered but his home hopes were in tatters as he had to crawl around behind the field, eventually retiring with Suspension damage.

Massa and Schumacher battled for 3rd place with the seven time World Champion successfully holding his old team-mate up for 11 laps before Massa finally swept clean past Schumacher and up into third. Meanwhile, Pastor Maldonado was up to no good, Slamming into Sergio Perez into Luffield, sending both of them into a synchronised spin and knocking Perez out of the race. Maldonado earned a reprimand from the stewards along with a nice €10,000 fine for his efforts.

Just 20 laps into the race, And most of the grid had pitted except for Lewis Hamilton who led the race after starting from 8th place. The Briton was urged to push as hard as he could to see if they could undercut the race leaders, but Alonso’s pace was so good, he caught and passed Hamilton before he could pit. But Webber was faster!

Mark was over half a second faster per lap than Alonso when Alonso made his second pit stop, but he was still five seconds ahead of Webber, when he exited the pits.

Kamui Kobayashi had a disastrous pit stop. He came in too far to the right when he came into the box and was carrying too much speed. He drove straight into two of his engineers and still, continued past his box, such was the speed he had.  Thankfully none was seriously injured, but stewards fined the Japanese driver €25,000 for ‘a very dangerous manoeuvre which had potentially serious implications’.

But back at the front, Mark Webber had continued to catch Alonso at half a second a lap and on lap 48 out of 52, he swept clean around the outside of the driver who most people rate as the best in Formula One. Alonso had no answer for the Charging Bull and was left staring at the back of his car which took the chequered flag five laps later.

Final Standings:

1. Webber
2. Alonso
3. Vettel
4. Massa
5. Raikkonen
6. Grosjean
7. Schumacher
8. Hamilton
9. Senna
10. Button
11. Kobayashi
12. Hulkenberg
13. Ricciardo
14. Vergne
15. Rosberg
16. Maldonado
17. Kovalainen
18. Glock
19. Pic
20. De La Rosa
21. Karthikeyan


Perez – Collision
Di Resta – Suspension damage resulting from Collision
Petrov – Did Not Start


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