Explosion rips through Williams Garage

An Explosion has destroyed the Williams F1 Team garage, just an hour after Pastor Maldonado secured William’s first win in 8 years. An electrical problem near the fuel rig sent an explosion through the garage.

Personnel from all the teams ran to help the team extinguish the fire, before the fire fighters could make it to through the packed paddock. A video from BBC’s F1 Forum shows engineers battling the blaze. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l44nqe5Rljk

31 engineers were injured and sent to the tracks medical center while Four Williams engineers, four Caterham engineers and a Force India engineer were taken to a hospital in Barcelona. Luckily, No one was seriously injured.

A Sky Sports F1 cameraman who had been filming an interview directly in front of the Williams garage, bravely came to the aid of a Williams engineer who’s legs were on fire. The engineer is ok.

Williams test driver Valtteri Bottas told Sky that there had been some kind of explosion in the back of the garage while Sir Frank Williams was giving a victory speech to the team. Luckily, the quick, heroic reaction of the other teams, ensured nobody was badly hurt.

And in another extreme act of bravery, Pastor Maldonado, who won his first Grand Prix just one hour before, ran into the burning garage to carry his shaken cousin out of the garage, on his back.

In a shocking video, Sky Sports F1 show flames licking the Williams garage just seconds after the explosion http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyEELHO4Xjs

There was extensive damage to the Williams equipment in the garage, which contained Bruno Senna’s car.


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  1. James Patrick Lahart Murphy

    it`s nice that that maldonado saved his cousin

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