30 Day F1 Challenge

For a bit of fun for you (and me) I will be doing the 30 day F1 Challenge. I will be answering a list of 30 pre-determined questions, one per day, for 30 days.

Day 1:

Your Earliest F1 Memory:

My earliest F1 Memory was when my Dad and Brother used to watch F1! I was fairly young at that stage so I wouldn’t have known what was going on, but sure enough I succeeded in driving my Dad and Brother mad during the race by jumping all over the place and making a racket! I seriously regret what I did and if that happened to me today, I would seal myself of in a sound-proof room so I could get a bit of piece and quiet for the race!
On the plus side, Me making noise led Dad to record the race so he could go back and watch them again later on, which means that I have a library of old races that I can watch whenever I want!



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4 responses to “30 Day F1 Challenge

  1. Ger Sweeney

    You dad sounds like a nice chap!! 🙂 🙂

  2. surensennaf1

    Wish my dad was like that but he never liked racing nor any of my family members though 🙂

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