Hispania and Marussia reveal 2012 Cars

The F112

The two teams who are unfortunately likely to be hanging around at the back again this year have unveiled their cars.

Hispania unveiled their car, The F112, At Barcelona during a day of filming, which they used to give their cars much needed running time, after the team missed all but one day of pre-season testing after they failed the mandatory FIA Crash Test’s. Thankfully this year, the team does not have horrible “This could be you” and “Here’s a nice place to advertise” writing on their car and instead, as they do not have a title sponsor, have left it blank.

The F112











The MR01

Marussia unveiled their MRo1 at Silverstone as they exploited the same chance as Hispania and filmed for a day at Silverstone. Marussia failed to attend a single day of testing as they failed to produce the car in time for the first two weeks and then failed the mandatory FIA Crash Test. However, The MR01 has now passed the test and is ready for racing at Melbourne. However, as neither team has properly tested, It is unlikely that Hispania and Marussia will make it to the race day when the 107% Rule is implied.

The MR01



The season gets underway on March 16th.

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