Barrichello moves to IndyCar

Rubens Barrichello has announced that he is making his debut in IndyCar with KV Racing. The Brazillian who was dropped by Williams F1 Team at the end of the 2011 season, His 19th in Formula One, was left without a drive as all the seats were snatched up. The announcement, which was made this morning, was highly expected.

He has agreed to a one year deal and will start racing on March 25th when the IndyCar season kicks off in St. Petersberg.

“I am thrilled, it is something very new to me,” Barrichello said. “I’m very competitive and I’m not doing this just for fun, but I’ll keep my feet on the ground in the beginning because I’ll be a rookie despite of all my previous racing experience.”

The Brazilian will participate in all 16 IndyCar races on the calendar, including the five on oval tracks. He previously had said there was a chance he would skip the oval circuits because of safety concerns and out of consideration for his family.

He will race in all 16 rounds of the IndyCar season this year including the five oval circuits. However, Barrichello had previously said that he might skip the oval circuits because of safety concerns and out of consideration for his family.

“I had always promised to my wife, Silvana, that I wouldn’t race on ovals,” Barrichello said. “But we talked a lot and in the end she said that she wouldn’t interfere if this was really what I wanted to do. I think my two sons were actually the ones who helped convince her.”

Barrichello did think about racing in only the Indianapolis 500, the prestigious 500 mile race, but decided there was no point.

“I wouldn’t feel comfortable sitting at home and watching someone else driving my car,” Barrichello said.


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