Why Hispania should not be allowed to race

Hispania were two days through pre-season testing when they were told that they had failed two FIA crash tests. The team then withdrew from Jerez to develop their cars safety.

However, this comes after the 2011 car showed just how unsafe the Hispania car can be when Vitantonio Liuzzi crashed, lightly, on the first corner. The damage to the car was phenomenal in comparison to the crash with both wheels on the left side of the car as well as the rear wing being ripped off. The left rear of the car was completely crushed in the incident. BBC’s Martin Brundle commented that it looked like the car was made of paper. For the ‘Crash’ click this link – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNhDc45wTd8&feature=related

What if Liuzzi had crashed in a crash as severe as Mark Webber in Valencia 2010, or Lewis Hamilton in Belgium 2011 or even Sergio Perez in Monaco 2011? Would we be looking at the first driver death in Formula One since Ayrton Senna in Imola 1994?

I cannot see how it is acceptable to have a team driving around a circuit with such bad safety standards, putting drivers lives on the line. But not only are they putting the lives of the drivers on the line, but also the lives of the marshalls who volunteer to help because they love the sport, or the fans who pay to sit in a seat for a weekend because they want to see the sport they love.

The death’s of Dan Wheldon and Marco Simoncelli last year prove that Motorsport is still dangerous.

Obviously, Motorsport does carry a risk of death. On the back of every Formula One ticket, There is a icon saying “Motor Sport can be dangerous. Despite the organisers taking all reasonable precautions, unavoidable accidents can happen. In respect of these, you are present at your own risk”

But this does not excuse teams not putting as much effort into driver/civillian/team safety as possible. Any team such as Hispania that put a heightened risk of death or serious injury in Formula One, should be banned from the sport until they, and any other team who does not live up to the acceptable standards, meet them.

I do not have any other grudge against Hispania and the only reason I am writing this article is to voice my concerns.


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One response to “Why Hispania should not be allowed to race

  1. Quite interesting opinion.
    I must admit haven’t been following any of the backmarkers, but this incident really brings some questions in front, in particular about safety.
    Rumor has it that they aren’t going to show soon testing, as they failed crash tests again.

    While I don’t want to dismiss anyone’s efforts, if it doesn’t pass the QA check and doesn’t comply to the safety standards, I guess it’s better for everyone to stay off the track.

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